Artist Statement

My inspiration is drawn from the decay and destruction of human landscapes. Through referencing imagery of archictecture touched by the violent and chaotic forces of the natural working world I am seeking to express the tensions of rapid transformation. I find beauty in the shocking, violent, and jarring energetic moments where nature collides with our constructed world, the flux between order and chaos. Using average construction materials, such as steel and concrete, my work forms a visual language that says what words cannot. It bears witness, it knows and accepts what cannot be articulated about the motion and tensions between us and nature. There are many questions about destructive forces that fuel my process. I find actual definitive answers to those questions to be irrelevant. It is the act of inquiry that generates the work and through that it becomes an entity, an agent of expression.

Questions and ‘inspirational inquiries’:

  • How does destruction make?

  • Are destruction and creation just negative and positive constructs to a larger idea of transformation?

  • For a natural phenomenon to be considered a disaster does it require a negatively affected human presence or population?

  • Can they be thought of as natural transformations of human landscapes?

  • How can a sense of energy or motion be recorded in a form?

  • Where does human energy collide with the energy of the natural working world?